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Why I do not value AI-powered services?

Posted on:September 8, 2023 at 08:00 AM

I’ve got a great deal of appreciation for new LLM-equipped tools. In fact, I find myself using ChatGPT and APIs based on GPT-4 every day as they significantly enhance my daily operations.

Despite this, I admit that my usage of various LLM-supported services isn’t that extensive. I mainly utilise ChatGPT, Warp (a macOS Terminal with AI), and Azure/OpenAI’s APIs with scripts I’ve created myself. Sounds somewhat peculiar, doesn’t it?

To be honest, I’ve made attempts to use other tools. Take Notion, for instance, which I use daily. Nevertheless, the AI-driven results it provides when tasked leave much to be desired. I can get a better output from ChatGPT in less time…

I also use Spark regularly, which is an amazing (!!!) email client. However, when it comes to composing emails or replies using AI, the product is so good. In fact, correcting these automatically generated responses would take more time than writing one from scratch.

A number of tools for proofreading and text adjustments, including and Jasper, don’t measure up to a simple script I’ve created, which outperforms them and takes less time to utilise.

It appears to me that people often overlook the gap between technology and product. Technology itself is not the solution, it’s simply a facilitator. Users like me aren’t looking for tools, they’re in need of problem-solving solutions.

Given this, I foresee that the first AI service that develops a true product will revolutionise the market.

P.S. What makes me crazy sometimes is that there are some obvious enhancements the products above could implement and become much-much better. Why nobody cares?