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Advocating for Small Teams by 'Rework' and 'Getting real'

Posted on:January 12, 2024 at 11:20 AM

Recently, I’ve been advocating for the benefits of working in small teams. I would like to recap on this topic based on ‘37signals’ ‘Rework’ and ‘Getting Real’, which contain a number of highly intriguing points. What are these points in relation to small teams:

  1. Hire only when it truly hurts. Only recruit when you absolutely need to. Determine if there’s a way to get by without enlarging the team.
  2. Say No by Default. Time is limited for small teams. Everyone is vital. Instead of saying yes to every opportunity or request, prioritise and decline more frequently.
  3. Hire Slowly & Select the Right People. It’s crucial to assemble a cohesive team that shares your vision. Recruitment should be a deliberate process.
  4. Stay Lean: Evade heavy processes, larger teams, and lengthy timelines. Iterative processes, with swift feedback loops, are preferable.