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Make life easier for Law School Students

Posted on:March 30, 2023 at 07:51 AM

When I was working on my PhD, I was struggling with books and papers I needed because I was granted access only to a small piece of them, whereas for the others, I had to pay per paper. It was better when I studied at The University of Edinburgh because it had access to many more sources, plus they built a service that allowed to get extracts from books through scanning. That’s how I was able to get many of the books I required for my thesis.

However, some books had poor quality. For the others, I was unable to download all the chapters I wanted. In other words, it was still difficult to get access to the data I needed.

While for my primary area of scientific inquiries (astronomy and maths) many people upload their works to arxiv, it is not true for many other areas. I was surprised to realise that for the US law school students, if they want to buy the books they need for studying, it costs thousands of dollars. Sometimes, you can buy access through different providers or vendors, but their tech side leaves a lot to be desired.

That was the idea behind EmanuelAYCE we’ve built together with Steven Emanuel, the author of Emanuel Law Series, — provide access to the best-quality study aids for law school students and support these books with interactive quizzes, flashcards, and other items. Moreover, this is only the beginning because there is a huge part related to the AI that is in progress currently that can benefit students with more services and options, some of which are really remarkable and are pioneers in this industry and over EdTech in general.

Yesterday, The National Jurist, ‘the leading voice in legal education’, published a post about our service: Hopefully, soon it would be possible to update it with the AI tools…