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Hi everyone!

I am Evgeny and this is my personal website. I had different positions and roles through my career. Thus, I am interested in many things: startups, science (especially, astronomy, philosophy, and psychology, which I have graduated in), management, business, software development, and some others.

If you want to talk to me, feel free to ping me in any of the social networks and I would be happy to meet you! While there are some main areas of my interests, I am always open to new opportunities! If you would like to meet in person, I usually stay in London (the UK) or Belgrade (Serbia).


My current roles

My current interests

  • FinTech startups (neobanks, wealth management, compliance)
  • EdTech startups (life-long learning, LMS, psychological motivation)
  • Consulting in management and software development processes (set up an effective workflow for early-stage startups, improve infrastructure and business processes, help with the right architecture, share expertise)
  • A machine-learning in astronomy (R&D, applications, tools)
  • Philosophy of Science

My experience

(see LinkedIn Profile for the full version)

  • Denovo Software d.o.o., CEO and Founder (2022 — present)
  • 4xxi Software Ltd, CEO and Founder (2008 — 2019)
  • Newtonew, CTO and Founder (2014 — 2018)
  • Software developer and Team Leader at various companies (2004 — 2008)

Additional experience

  • Scientific Researcher in astronomy (2009 — 2017)
  • School teacher (2008 — 2018)

My education

  • MS (with distinction) in Astronomy, Saint Petersburg State University, 2004-2009
  • PhD in Math and Physics, Pulkovo observatory, 2009-2017
  • MS (with distinction) in Philosophy, Science, and Religion, The University of Edinburgh, 2020-2021
  • MS (with distinction) in Psychology, Saint Petersburg State University, 2020-2022

My most important scientific papers

  1. Asteroids in three-body mean motion resonances with planets (Icarus, 2017)
  2. Identification of asteroids trapped inside three-body mean motion resonances: a machine-learning approach (Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2017)
  3. Massive identification of asteroids in three-body resonances (Icarus, 2013)

My pet open-source projects

  1. A scientific python package resonances that uses both traditional and machine-learning approaches to identify mean-motion resonances in planetary systems (see docs)
  2. Fast, fortran backed numerical integrator for N-body problem
  3. A machine-learning tool that categorise asteroids in the main belt in the Solar system into families (python)
  4. An old PHP library that converts dates into human readable format
  5. An old skeleton for Symfony projects

Official registration information

Name: Evgeny Smirnov Pr Računarsko Programiranje Beograd

Address: Kraljice Marije 39 stan 3, Beograd-Palilula, Palilula (Beograd), Belgrade, Serbia

Registration number (matični broj): 66470440

VAT (PIB): 112961249

Official email: [email protected]

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